Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

It seems that at the beginning of the rains, we often get snake sightings. This year has been no different, with a small black cobra sitting on the school steps, a green mamba at the clinic sidewalk, and several garden snakes here and there. One snake in particular caused a commotion as it decided to visit a palaver hut that was full of children. Heidi Hollander (our niece who is helping for the month of June) accidentally kicked the snake as it stealthily sneaked along the brick walkway. It was an exhilarating moment for Heidi! But Mama Rebecca was all over the situation.
Here is an epic of this magnificent feat of courageous valor.


Here is a story of a woman so brave;
Her courage and daring are remembered this day.        
She risked her life to save those all around;
Thought not of self as she went into the fray.

A calm, normal morn it began with all unawares
that evil and treachery were nigh underfoot.                                                                                
A simple misstep and a snake in the air,
and so the conflict Rebecca undertook.

Bea jumped on a bench, Makatee screamed.
There was shouting, yelling, arms all a’frattle;                                                  
But with calmness, speed, agility, and poise,
Rebecca scooped up her broom and stepped in to do battle.

She danced and twirled and beguiled that snake.
Her speed was incredible; her aim straight and true.                         
A hit, a nudge, a sweep of the broom;
The snake struggled no more, the battle was through.

We hail thee, Rebecca; our hero for good.
With no thought for self, you saved us from tears!
You will be remembered as A Great Snake Killer!
And so it is to you that we give a rousing Three Cheers!

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Mama Rebecca!
By the way, Dave and I have very different recollections on the length of that snake!  Dave might need new contacts.  Hope you all have a "Rebecca" on your side today!