Monday, May 14, 2012

Just when you thought is was safe to go out at night...

I have put up with a lot of disgusting things here. Like sneaky snakes and monster spiders and cruel ants and R.O.U.S. (Rodents of Unusual Size). But this latest creature is just too much! A large boa constrictor has been sighted on our property! Up in the area I fondly refer to as "JungleLand", a guard spotted a large boa slithering under the fence. It was about fifteen feet long (or maybe it was twelve feet long. The guard was a little rattled. I do not care! Fifteen feet, twelve feet...anything longer than, say, two inches, is too long for me!)
Am I the only one who saw the "Harry Potter" movies? Big snakes are problems! And what about the classic movie "Anaconda"...or "Clash of the Titans"? Actually, I am not sure if there was a big snake in "Clash of the Titans", but it looked like a possiblity because of the trailers I saw.  Anyways, regular sized snakes are scary. And big snakes are really scary.
Of course, Dave's response was totally different than mine. When we were told of the boa, I screamed, I jumped up on the sofa, I might have's all a blur. Dave grabbed the camera and headed to "JungleLand". He did not find it, but he has assured me it will be back. Fabulous.
Now, as I move around the compound, especially in the evening, every little thing spooks me. I am a mess. Jumpy, jumpy, jumpy. Dave thinks it is funny, but I am not amused. Neither is my sofa.
We will keep you posted about the boa. If Dave gets a picture of it slowly squeezing me 'til I lose consciousness, he will post it. If I get a picture of it trying to swallow Dave, I will post it.
And the adventure continues...