Monday, July 15, 2013

At The Beach

We have just enjoyed three weeks of break from school. We had some extra people from the States at the village during this time, and many activities were planned to keep children busy and out of trouble! Like a big soccer match and baseball games and kickball games for the older ones. Sand toys and dress up clothes were made available for the younger set. Some days, there was a movie shown for the oldest kids, and story times with sing-a-longs for the little ones.

One favorite activity that was held throughout the three weeks vacation was a beach walk scheduled for each cottage. A mama and her "family" walked to the beach and enjoyed a couple hours there, just hanging out and playing on the sand. Lots of shells were gathered during these adventures and brought back to the village.

Some cottages now have pretty shells scattered around their steps and under the bushes. Many sand crabs were chased on these beach walks, and slower crabs were captured. In the process, a few fingers were nipped by irate crabs. There are some boys who will be a little more cautious about crab chasing in the future!

Sand castles were also sculpted. Budding architects worked carefully to build delightful creations with moats and tunnels. School resumes on Monday, so fun and games are over for awhile. Here are some pictures of good memories of those sandy walks.