Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Have Talent

We had the first ever Village Talent Show last month. Heidi and Joanie (our mini missionaries who were here for the month of June) helped the mamas of every cottage organize some sort of talent (OK, maybe "entertainment" is the better word, as "talent" might be too strong a term for what actually occurred!).
The evening began with a info-mercial, where Mr. Veneman's early morning beauty routine was explained. Basically, this skit consisted of Babs sitting behind Dave and mashing toothpaste and cereal into his face! This was enjoyed by pretty much everyone but Dave. Next on the program was a rousing rendition of  "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" sung by a group of boys. They changed the whole flavor of the song by singing it slowly and almost with a funeral dirge-type feel to it!  No one smiled, and it was the most serious rendition of "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" that one could ever hope to hear. 

Next, a cottage of girls put on sunglasses and sang the song  "Lollipop, Lollipop". Several of the lollipop girls really enjoyed the choreography and danced their hearts out! It was very fun. Many children recited Bible verses, and some cottages said their Bibles verses in unison. One older girl led her sisters in a church choir type song, which was nicely done, and another group of young girls sang some Ghanaian songs taught to them by their mama.  Mama had lived in Ghana during the war, and while she was there, she learned some children's songs with motions.

A group of marching boys robustly sang "Seventy Six Trombones" and Heidi and Joanie lip synced the song "I Can Do Anything Better Than You".  All the kids did a nice job of displaying their "talent" and there was only one case of serious stage fright. We are pretty certain that little Patience will not be a contestant on "American Idol" any time soon.

 We have pronounced the Talent Show a success, and we have proclaimed it to be an annual event! Yes, Liberia has talent.