Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let The Games Begin

We are playing games here in Liberia. Almost daily, we head out to the play yard in the late afternoon to play games with the children. Games such as "Duck, Duck, Juice." It is difficult for some of the kids to remember that it is "Duck, Duck, Goose" when they have never seen a goose.
We play "football" (soccer) with two coaches who head for the ibuprofen after our games (Dave and Tarry Nelson). Babs is the referee because she has the big whistle. Our teams are The Gorillas vs.The Crocodiles.
We play "Red Rover", "Follow the Leader" (Dave is the most fun leader), and run races around obstacles.
We also tried to play "Animal Upset" (a variation of "Fruit Basket Upset") but some people have had a difficult time understanding the concept of running through the circle to the opposite side instead of all over the play yard. Maybe next time we play that game, it will work better.
As the older children are on a school vacation, they have been meeting Babs in the dining hall after breakfast for some "Alphabet Bingo," Bible Cards (a matching game), and matching letters. Also doing some phonics work.
Dave hopes to teach some of the older kids how to play checkers this weekend. He is a good teacher who makes one work for the win. Just ask Jill.
So lately, games have been a large part of our life. Hope to someday teach someone here how to play "Rook", our favorite game!
Have a fabulous day!
Dave and Babs