Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lessons From Liberia

Here are a few things we have learned so far, after one month at the Rafiki Village Liberia:
---You cannot kill a medium-sized spider with a screwdriver.
---When the ground is covered with ants, keep moving.
---Two year old children have attitudes no matter what country they live in.
---Palm Springs, Liberia, ain't nothing like Palm Springs, California!
---When you are clueless as to what is being said to you, even though it is supposedly English, just smile.
---In the rainy season, always have an umbrella handy.
---When you haven't had sweets in ten days, you slowly savor one M&M at a time.
---Do not get in the way of a three year old and his car.
---It is difficult to distract ten children waiting outside a medical clinic for their turn for an "injection" (immunization) while the eleventh child is inside the room, and not happy with the situation.
---Walking next to a child holding an umbrella without getting poked in the eye is a challenge.
---Screaming at a large spider (make that an XL spider!) does not make it disappear.
---Percocet helps one sleep at night (just kidding!). Being exhausted helps one sleep at night!
---Benjamin's laugh makes everyone laugh.
---God is good...all the time.
Wishing all a fabulous day!
Dave & Babs