Monday, November 21, 2011

Not Just a Scrap of Grace

If I were to write a book about our experiences in this country (not likely to happen!), I would have a difficult time picking a title.

Several good titles present themselves every week.

Such as "There is a Gecko in My Bible" or "Fish at the Gate" or "Just Another Dusty Road" or "OhnMineGoodness".

But today, the title would be "Not Just a Scrap of Grace". The idea comes from the story in Matthew where the Gentile woman begged Jesus to heal her daughter. Jesus said he came first for the Jews, and she replied that even the dogs get the scraps of food from the table. Our Bible study referred to "scraps of grace", and it occurred to me that I have been given not just scraps of grace; I feast at the table! My plate is heaped full of wonderful gifts from God. He is truly a God of Grace.

Here is a list of things I am very thankful for:

---a nice bed in a safe, rodent-free house
---eyesight to experience sunrises and sunsets and awesome cloud formations
---the ability to read
---little George's smile and Romeo's "thumbs up" he gives me every morning
---family and friends who encourage us
---Internet service (how did missionaries survive before the computer age? I do not know!)
---100% cotton blouses
---pictures of Luke (grandson)
---the ability to reason and think critically
---parents and teachers who did their job (for critical thinking and reasoning skills!)
---a nice clean shower with running water
---my Bible
---a sturdy four wheel drive vehicle
---a clever husband to fix sturdy four wheel drive vehicle
---Champ's hugs and Nehemiah's waves
---no current snake sightings
---ears to hear Martha's laughter across the play ground
---nail polish (hey, no ever accused me of being deep! I am pretty shallow. And proud of it!)
---insect repellent
---paved roads
---a good haircut (yes...shallow, remember?)
---employees who care to do their best work
---children who are happy and healthy
---eternal security through the atoning work of Jesus Christ, my Savior

See? Not just a scrap of grace, but baskets of blessings. What a gracious God we have!
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.