Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back In The States

(We are in Florida for a week for meetings; then on to California to see family and friends)

This morning, I got a cup of coffee in a nice paper cup with a nice plastic lid from the hotel lobby and headed for WalMart. I walked for fifty minutes on a smooth sidewalk. No one honked at me or made smoochy sounds at me. There were no disabled vehicles alongside the road. I tossed my empty coffee cup into a garbage can sitting by the litter-free parking lot.

I walked into WalMArt. A lady greeted me with a cheery "hello". I shook her hand and told her she was doing a wonderful job of making people feel welcome. I think she might have called Security, to warn them that there was a demented lady in the store.

I found the lady's restroom. There was tissue and running water and soap. Commodes and sinks were clean; the floor was scrubbed. I saw the cleaning lady, and I thanked her for doing such a good job of keeping the bathroom clean and well-stocked. Possibly this lady called Security, also.

I shopped. The aisles were wide and clean; the store was well-lit, and the electricity was on the whole time I shopped. All items were clearly marked with a price. All items were in their original packaging. And there was more than one of each item on the shelf. I went to the check-out stand and the checker was friendly and efficient. I pulled out my credit card, swiped, signed, and I was ready to walk out the door. A nice stock boy helped me load packages into the taxi.

For someone who is a little retail-deprived in Liberia, this was a wonderful, wonderful experience. It is great to be back in the States!
And it is no wonder that many people in the world want to come to America!
See you at the mall-