Monday, April 6, 2009


In a country where there is no shortage of palm trees, Palm Sunday decorations abounded. Every church we drove past on Sunday was decorated with palm branches, as were grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and private homes! Churches had processionals with the whole congregation waving branches. It was a festive day. We decorated the dining hall with palm branches, too. Our cooks showed us how to braid the palm fronds. Looks great.

This Friday, Good Friday, is a national holiday in Liberia. It is officially called the Day of Fasting and Prayer. Most people will be attending church services Friday afternoon from noon until 3:00pm...the same hours that the sun was darkened while Christ suffered on the cross. It will be a somber day; it is not a celebratory holiday.

The celebration is saved for Easter Sunday. Churches will have longer services, filled with extra singing. Sanctuaries will be decorated with more palm branches and flowers. People will dress in their finest clothing. Choirs will sing many special arrangements they have been practicing for weeks. It will be a glorious day of praise to our wonderful Savior. Sounds like churches here and in the States celebrate the grand event of the Resurrection pretty much the same way!

Wishing you all a blessed, hope-filled Easter celebration.
Alleluia! Jesus has risen indeed!
Dave & Babs