Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Musings...

So, we are driving down the road, and Dave says to me, "What do you think about the situation?"

My mind reels: which situation is he referring to?
---The beautiful vegetation and ocean scenes on the Chinese embassy road?
---Does he mean the orphanage with 30 starving children that we visited two weeks ago?
---Or the crippled beggar whose home is the bus stop?
---The fact that we cannot find a Mexican restaurant anywhere?
---Or maybe he is talking about the taxi in front of us with the words "Mama's Boy" painted on the bumper?
---Or that all of our watermelons in the garden have been eaten by some kind of large rodent?
---Maybe he wants to know my thoughts on the malaria outbreak that is plaguing our national workers at the village?
---Or why car owners seem to think that brake lights are a sign of weakness and should be disconnected?
---Or is he thinking about the guard who had a rat (followed closely by a cobra) race between his boots one night?
---Could he be talking about the incredible sunsets viewed from a perfect, deserted beach?
---Or how do the white egrets know to stalk eighteen inches in front of a fire line to scarf up escaping bugs?
---Is he talking about the armless beggar who beats his head against our car window when we go downtown?
---Or is he referring to the little girl, Elizabeth, who lives across the street from our village, who always has a cheerful "hello" for us and yet is terrified of white people and will scream if we stop the car?
---Maybe he means the huge crop of mangoes that are hanging on every mango tree in this county?

So I say, "I don't know, honey. What do you think?" but he does not respond as he is busy avoiding large groups of people walking on the highway, and I get side-tracked looking at beautiful cloth in the roadside shops; so it is still uncertain as to which situation he was referring.

Wishing you all a day with only good situations, and hoping you find a Mexican restaurant tonight.