Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Week in Liberia...

We are in Liberia, at the Rafiki Village about 45 minutes outside of downtown Monrovia.
We have experienced several downpours already, accompanied by severe thunder and lightning.  It dumps so much water that we can only guess 3-4 inches of rain in 2 1/2 hours.  The whole village is a huge puddle.  The next morning, it is all gone!  This is amazing to a couple of farmers from the California Central Valley, who are used to slogging around in mucky clay for days after the rain has stopped!

The Rafiki compound is a sand hill, which explains why the rain disappears so quickly.  There is little vegetation at this time;  mostly sand.  Some trees and bushes have been planted, but they are small yet.  Getting more plants growing is certainly one of our goals.  Roses and almond trees are out of the question, but we are keeping our eyes open for interesting trees and vegetation.  There are a couple of mango trees at the far end of Rafiki property that are huge and beautiful.  We may need more mango trees.  Also, spotted a tree in downtown Monrovia today called a...ok, I already forgot what it's name is...but it had huge glossy green leaves and fruit that supposedly is good to eat.  Obviously, I need to do more research!

The children are sweet.  Fourteen of them right now.  Yesterday, it was "Dress Up Day" for playtime.  Not surprising to me, the girls really got into this, with skirts and headdresses.  Several of the boys put on sunglasses and then proceeded to play race car driver.  Yes, like children everywhere, girls like to look pretty and boys want noise and speed!

We are well and adjusting to this part of the world that is all new to us.  Thanks for thinking about us and checking out the latest news from Liberia.